Traffic – A Choreographic Simulation Game

Installation, Simulation, Performance

Kampnagel Hamburg

Claudia Plöchinger (concept), Henning Fülle (dramaturg), Constanze Kümmel (scenographer), Viktor Marek (musician), Antje Pfundtner (choreographer), Sebastian Reier (musician), Hanna Linn Wiegel (visual artist), as well as specialists from geographical transport.

Transport is “the movement of people, goods and messages in a defined system” (says Wikipedia): targetet or free-floating. Controlled by intentions, regulated in order systems. Traffic is the production of movement knowledge, is the arrangement of purposes, rules and meanings.

The project “Verkehr” is a choreographic simulation game, a curated research project, an experimental game situation. Over the entire west wing of the Kampnagel site (K3, P1, kmh Club, K4 and west foyer), a course is created in which the public experiences, observes and designs traffic. An experimental setup that, in the performances between order and movement, man and machine, individual and mass, goal and event, makes the options for action of the individual an object.

A massage parlor. Shift down a gear.

Installations with ten Roomba robot vacuum cleaners

Choreography / instructions for 20 visitors